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One of the most effective types of mobile marketing is SMS or text messaging. SMS messaging is effective for […]

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Are you looking for information on how to take advantage of mobile marketing? Have you considered mobile App marketing? […]

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If you think about how integral mobile phones have become in most of our lives, it’s really quite incredible. Most of us cannot live without our mobile phones. Whether it’s to keep in touch with family and friends, to use for work purposes, or whatever the purpose mobiles phones usage is continuing to rise at an unbelievable rate. The reality is, we use our phones for much more than talking these days. Many folks use their mobile devices for emailing, posting to Twitter and Facebook, sending texts, […]

Mobile Marketing Today

Today there are more than 100 million mobile phone users in the U.S. who access the internet on their devices. This number will only continue to rise, especially if you think more on a global scale. Smart phones are becoming less expensive and more prevalent which makes marketing to mobile users much easier than ever before. However, smart phones are not necessarily required when we’re talking about text marketing. The beauty in embracing mobile marketing and as a new opportunity means you can make more sales, gain […]

Mobile Marketing For SMEs

Almost everyone has a mobile phone. By 2013, or soon thereafter, more users will be accessing the internet via their mobile phones than regular desktop internet users. This is very exciting for business owners, from large corporations to one-man bands. Mobile apps such as FourSquare offer potentially great forms of exposure as they include many business listings from Google places. This means your business has an even greater opportunity to capitalize on this new wave of marketing. By offering discounts, deals, and special offers to your customers […]

Helping Small Business With Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is a fantastic method of communicating with your current and potential customers via their mobile phones and tablets. A few ways to communicate to your prospects via mobile marketing include SMS text marketing, encouraging prospects to visit your mobile website where you can ask them to opt in to your offers, or simply to optimize your website with a mobile version and ranking in the search engines. With the advent of today’s technology, it is now possible to view regular desktop websites on a smart […]