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Top Mobile Marketing Methods

One of the most effective types of mobile marketing is SMS or text messaging. SMS messaging is effective for many reasons: 1) You’re able to offer incentives (discounts, coupons, etc.) to entice folks to visit your business, 2) It’s relatively inexpensive, 3) More and more people are using their phones more than their computers, 4) It’s permission based marketing and if your message is strong, your customers might just appreciate the texts. Similar to email marketing, your subscriber has the ability to opt out so they know […]

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The Importance of Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing isn’t just the latest fad, it truly is “the next big thing” and while a proportion of businesses are starting to take their mobile marketing seriously, it is a model still in its infancy. It is estimated that by 2013, there will be more people accessing the internet via their mobile phones than desktop computers. That means the more people are used to shopping, seeking information, accessing social media, the more they’ll be open to accepting your marketing message. There are many ways any business […]

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