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Mobile Marketing Tools And Techniques

Have you ever advertised your products via mobile marketing? If not, it is time to think about launching a mobile marketing campaign. Read this article to find out more about different mobile marketing tools and techniques. Sending out text alerts is a great way to keep your customers updated about your latest products and to share discounts and coupon codes. You should place a subscription form on your site or blog and advertise your text alerts as […]

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Mobile Marketing And Apps

You have probably heard about apps and even downloaded and used some of these small programs if you own an iPhone or an Android phone, but have you ever thought about using apps to promote your products? Read this article to learn more about apps and how you could use them to sell your products. Start by finding out whether or not your customers are likely to own iPhones,  Android phones or tablets. If you know your […]

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Free Applications that Leave Your Pockets Green

Who doesn’t love to dig their hands into a bucket of free goodies? If everything were free, everyone would have a bucket of their own. Mobile apps deserve their own time in the spotlight, but it’s rare that you find a professional application that is more than a trial-offer or filled with lousy advertisements for a similar app from affiliate companies. However, good or bad, people are easily influenced by the word “free” and will often download […]

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